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How to print advance reader copy arc books using ingramspark. One of the major benefits of using ingramspark is the access your book has to one of the industrys largest global distribution networks, offered by ingram. Print and ebook solutions for publishers ingram content. Ingram content group book distribution, print on demand. Sep 24, 2017 in december 2016 i wrote about transferring my books from createspace expanded distribution to ingramspark the process was easier than id anticipated, because ingramspark has directions for transferring title assignment right on the site, and both createspace and ingramspark were available to help walk me through the process. If you opted out of the amazon agreement, compensation is paid at 45% of the list price. Publish on demand global china distribution publisher. That means that with those new settings, to achieve the same profit, you only need to make 60% of the sales you would need to make previously. Ingramspark is the only publishing platform that delivers fully integrated print, digital, wholesale, and distribution services to the book industry through a single source. Why indie authors should use both kdp print and ingramspark. Jan 02, 2020 ingramspark refuses to reply to my inquiries or accept responsibility. Why ill never use ingramspark again the writers cookbook. Print and ebook solutions for publishers ingram content group.

Using ingramspark alongside kdp print createspace for print. Your ebook and print book titles and distribution can be managed from one place to help you make more, by spending less time. The publisher agrees to provide page proofs of the material prior to publication. Ingramspark offers hardcover printondemand, a wide selection of book trims, cover options and printincolor capabilities, as well as distribution and fulfillment to more than 39,000 booksellers, online retailers and libraries around the world who work with ingramspark.

Once you write and format your book, we make it possible to share it with the world. Ingramspark was created for selfpublished authors in 20. Many indies focus on using amazons own createspace, but you can access thousands more bookstores, universities, retailers, libraries and booksellers through ingram spark for extended distribution. In order to bring you this list, i have personally worked with most of these companies, some more than others, and will break down the pros and cons of each. Nov 15, 20 im currently using lsi and a discount of 20% for my print books. Hardcovers, paperbacks, and ebooks in color or black and white. Control the cost of printing with print on demand from lightning source. Over 39,000 retailers, libraries, and indie stores are waiting, along with their eager techforward customers. Successfully manage your ebook publishing from one platform with ingramspark. Why i wont be publishing books through ingramspark updated. I plan to use createspace for distribution to amazon only, and use ingramspark for distribution everywhere else except amazon.

Join our community to ask your fellow ingramspark publishers for advice, share ideas, or just say hi. So how does ingramspark ebook distribution compare. If you opted out of the amazon agreement, you will earn 45% of the. Global book distribution with ingramspark access 40k. When you selfpublish with ingramspark, you are plugged in to one of the publishing industrys largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40,000 independent bookstores. So, in a sense, it is a very big deal for many authors and publishers to be locked.

I write alpha ahole billionaires and plus sizebbw hispaniclatina so my targets look something like this yes im leaving some out because i cant give away everything age 25 54 gender female people who match interests. As an example, when retailers order products, they are usually purchased through a distributor or wholesaler such as ingram. It is associated with ingram content group, a major book printerwholesaler, and is the selfpublishing branch of lightning source, inc. I have a 32page book i want to print with an independent ecofriendly printer. What are the best selfpublishing companies for authors. May 25, 2017 the authors guild honors toni morrison, james patterson, andingramspark in feature articles by porter anderson may 25, 2017 at the authors guilds 25th annual gala in new york, traditional publishing stars and a selfpublishing engine are applauded for distinguished service to writers. New shelves books why you need both ingramspark and kdp. Check out these screenshots of our two example sites, ingramspark and.

The reason ingramspark deserves serious consideration. As you can see from the table below, they advertise their combined package as the best deal, which is true. Ingramsparks print and ebook distribution is a great way to get global. Aug 30, 2019 a selfpublished author can quickly get their print and ebook distributed to the most important online retailers by using just a couple services, all of which have no or very low upfront costs. I say that because most new indie or selfpublishers use printondemand printers like createspace and ingramspark or sister lightening source and these printers provide the isbn barcode free. Nov 15, 2018 if you want to reach more readers and make more money, the alliance of independent authors alli recommends that you use both kdp print and ingramspark together. Selfpublishing concierge nonfiction authors association. In cases of print and ebook distribution, the orders are added to your monthly compensation report when you sell a copy, and youll then receive your compensation. Using ingramspark alongside kdp print createspace for. Our distribution agreement is nonexclusive and commission only. Deciding where to publish your ebook can be difficultthere are so many ebook. In my experience, it is best to stick with ebook to see how it goes first and later consider the print book and then the treacherous ingramspark waters if ye dare and are brave, especially for your first book or at least, just stick to amazons print book as an option as it is a lot easier. Listing of the announcement of publication on legacy book press social media channels. Ksenia anskeblogdistributing your selfpublished books.

Printondemand book design for kdp print createspace and. Coresource is ingrams allinone platform that combines digital file management with global distribution to ensure that your ebooks reach their full potential and you can maximize sales. We have no contract with is to let distribute our ebooks to amazon. Every section you include in your manuscript foreword, dedication, chapters, etc. Once you select i accept for the agreements, you will enter your electronic signature and title e. If i do that, may i still sign up with ingramspark full distribution program and then later with amazon and still sell books off my website or at public events. Apple agency ebook optional if you want to distribute your ebooks to apples us and international ibooks and itunes stores. Ls entered into an agreement with trusted and vetted printers in certain markets, not currently served directly by ingramls, to provide print and. Compensation payments for ebook sales are 40% of the list price of your ebook. For this reason, the sales report you receive will be for sales 60 days prior. Do i need different isbns for createspace and ingram.

I then opted for expanded distribution on amazon kdp since i. Top 10 selfpublishing companies for firsttime authors. Ingramspark is is a printondemand, digital printing company for books, and also formats ebooks. Dont miss the world of readers who only read ebooks. Its an easytouse, online publishing tool that provides publishers with simple, costeffective access to ingrams global distribution network for print titles and e. This article covers the reasoning behind that strategy and the. Ebook distribution through amazon andor draft 2 digital.

November 6th, april 17th, january 1st 2017 updates. Dec 11, 2017 as global, mobile and digital book sales continue to expand into new markets, there is a continued desire for print in established markets. Run a social media giveaway, gift your books to readers at an event, or send copies to newsletter subscribers. You represent that you are at least the legal age of majority and will, at all times, provide true, accurate and complete information when submitting any information the lsi site, including, without limitation, when you provide information during registration or on other forms. Once you finish and format your book we make it possible to share it with the world. Can we publish the same ebook separately through ingramspark and kdp. One platform for all your print and ebook distribution needs worldwide. The combined print book and ebook title setup fee applies when one print paperback or hardback and one electronic epub version of the same title are submitted at the same time. Printondemand with ingramspark pressbooks user guide. Ebsco is another popular library service company that has been around for years. Considering the cost, as well as the inferior print quality of bound books, i can vouch as a bestselling author whose books have been published by the leading ten publishers, that ingramspark is a slum ondemand printer. Amazon issue is a little confusing but i think im geting it. Its ingramspark division offers small publishers and selfpublishers an integrated publishing and distribution service for both print and ebook versions of their books.

No need to juggle multiple contracts for various individual distributors. Jul 18, 2019 if youre on the 70% royalty plan, ebook delivery costs will be deducted from your royalty payments. If youre interested in learning about every part of ebook distribution, we. One of the things we wanted to do was make it easy to get books into distribution, and part of the ease was establishing a common discount structure. If you are planning to use a pod printer you probably do not need to buy a barcode. Through a special deal with dangdang a chinese ecommerce company. With kdp print formerly createspace, you get fast distribution to amazon. Debbie young, allis uk ambassador and author of winning shelf space. A clear hierarchy and readable typeface help create a layout that is inviting to your reader. Jun 03, 20 ingramspark is intended to be an easy way for independent publishers to begin working with lightning source and ingram for distribution for p and e. The big ouch is that ingram pays a flat 40% of net sales, which is the money they receive from the retailer when the ebook is sold. Compensation payment information for ebook sales through ingramspark. Oct 09, 2014 if so, you cant use ingramspark for ebook distribution or suspend it for your 90 day exclusivity period. Jun 16, 2015 when setting up the books on ingramspark, from the 3 distribution options they are offering print and ebook, print only, ebook only i have selected print only, which didnt compete with the kindle ebook version distributed via createspace, but it created another paperback version that showed up on as a competing title.

Interior book design manuscript formatting professionally formatted text is an important part of book design. Jun 01, 20 new ingram spark publishing program revealed june 1, 20 by michael kozlowski 2 comments ingram spark is a new digital publishing solution aimed at small and boutique publishers. With ingramspark, you can distribute your ebooks on amazon. In fact, once your book is approved, we encourage you to find as many distributors as possible without overlap of course. Create your publisher account at ingramspark and use this code. Selling more books in print through ingram spark and aer. Compensation payment information for ebook sales through. I know ingram spark publishes to the istore and kindle but if i go with ingramspark can i opt out of these 2. This is a forum where you can discuss what has or hasnt worked for you and hear what your fellow publishers have to say.

Ebook publishing with ingramspark selfpublish your ebook. As you said in the article, ingramspark gives you major worldwide distribution. Print titles arent the only books distributed through ingram. Led by a passion to see more books, in all formats, reach more markets across the globe with speed and ease, ingram publisher services offers an extensive selection of tools and services along with access to an industryleading e book platform.

If the author makes or requests changes to the content aside from typographical errors in excess of 5% of the. When readers buy a book they like, they can lend it to others. Selfpublish and distribute your ebook with ingramspark to access major ebook. If youre an independent author or publisher looking to publish quality print books and ebooks with global book distribution and free resources to help you selfpublish successfully, youve come to the right place. Book barcode basics when using createspace or ingramspark pod. Setting up an account with is relatively easy, and certainly a lot easier than setting an account up with lightning source lsi. See what you are interested in and enjoy irresistible prices as well. If there were no distribution sales, you will not receive a compensation report. Ebooks themselves make up close to 40% of all books sold, and in 2018 they are set to outsell print books in the us. Books in kdp extended distribution are listed at ingram. A dedicated book sectionpage on the legacy book press website.

Dont be fooled by expensive selfpublishing packages that claim to distribute your book to thousands of outlets. Your content, shipped anywhere in the world, with speed and reliabilitythats fullservice publishing from ingram. One book or thousands print what you need and nothing more. I was to distribute my ebook with lsi but my lsi rep said ingramspark has a far great ebook distribution reach than lsi. Createspace gets you higher margin through amazon and cheaper author copies for giveaways and hand sales. May 15, 2019 ingramspark offers the same fullyintegrated print and digital products and distribution services enjoyed by bigtime publishers superb quality and industry connections backed by decades of experience all made easily accessible to the indiepublishing community through a single platform. The best ingram phone number with tools for skipping the wait on hold, the current wait time, tools for scheduling a time to talk with a ingram rep, reminders when the call center opens, tips and shortcuts from other ingram customers who called this number. Reliable print book and ebook distribution from one selfpublishing service. Ingramsparks global distribution network is called ingram book group. December 1st, october 25th, august 9th, june 5th you can use ingramspark alongside kdp print formerly createspace to maximize your printondemand distribution reach and profit from each sale.

Now, here are 12 of the best selfpublishing companies to get your work out into the world. This approach may also be necessary if there is a contractual obligation to replicate the printed work. Get your selfpublished books into bookstores explain why and how to use this strategy to. All this bodes well for selfpublishing authors, for whom ebooks are the preferred format. Ebook distribution is also possible, with ebooks made available to major online retail partners in ebook distribution channels including amazon, apple books, and kobo. These proofs shall include all content, including artwork. Within china podg currently has distribution into numerous foreign language bookstores and ebook sellers. Use this tool to determine how much you will be paid on your print titles sold through the distribution channels. Ingramspark is is a tool that provides publishers with simple and affordable access to ingrams global distribution network for print and e book content. Distribution of the print book through amazon andor ingramspark. Compensation payments for ebook sales is 40% of the list price of your ebook. With one of the most expansive and trusted networks in the industry, we make certain your books get there, while saving you money all along the way. Ingramspark is the ideal place to go to publish your work.

The title setup fee is charged at the time both sets of the metadata and files are uploaded and validated within the ingramspark website. This cost is waived if you select the 35% royalty plan which may be a boon if you want to set a. How to activate an ingramspark account ingramspark. Selfpublished books now account for 30% to 40% of ebook sales.

Ebsco is wellknown for its distribution of magazine and journal subscriptions to libraries. With ingramspark, publishers can make their titles available to the worlds largest distribution network without having to set up accounts with individual vendors or manage updates to their titles in multiple places. Your guide to selfpublishing distribution services written word. Click on the blue sign agreements button, and you are ready to access your ingramspark account. The ultimate guide to selfpublishing platforms the. Just because youre publishing independently doesnt mean you have to do it alone.

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